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C30020 CMB 45RS Evo  Tuned pipe


CMB 45 RS Evo Tuned quiet pipe with fitted water cooling jacket and 90 deg. pressure nipple..

Standard silenced tuned pipe is discontinued and out of stock
Price: 81.98
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AEROMARINE pressure nipple


Aeromarine tuned pipe brass pressure nipple. Fitting is from inside of pipe and secured with a nut
Price: 2.75
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C00108 CMB 67 Standard tuned pipe
This is a unsilenced standard pipe. Ideal for fitting your own silencing system
Price: 39.95
Out of Stock

CC05107 CMB 67 Standard muffled tuned pipe
Back in Stock

CMB 67 standard muffled tuned pipe with removeable end plate for cleaning.   (The original pipe)
Price: 76.95
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C30007 CMB 67 Nitro pipe
This unsilenced CMB 67 High Nitro pipe is ideal for fitting your own silencing system
Price: 54.95
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C30010 CMB 67-80 Tuned pipe muffled


CMB 67-80 standard silenced tuned pipe. An extreemly good pipe for extracting the power from your engine with a wide power band.
Suitable for all 10 - 11cc motors
Price: 73.95
Out of Stock

C30011 CMB 67 Large tuned pipe
This pipe is suitable for use on the 67 and 80 engines. Unsilenced
Price: 69.89
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C30013 CMB 91RS Large muffled tuned pipe


This pipe gives the engine faster acceleration and allows the engine to rev higher and produce more torque, also has a larger silencing section. One of the best 15cc pipes available.
Price: 129.95
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C00111 EVO2 CMB 90 - 101 Tuned pipe


This is the EVO2 muffled CMB 90 -101 tuned pipe with the 25mm header. It allows the engine to produce maximum torque with a good rev band and the use of high nitro.

Price: 98.95
Out of Stock


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