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C3009 CMB 45 Evo 2  Tuned pipe


CMB Rs45 Evo2  Tuned quiet pipe with fitted water cooling jacket and 90 deg. pressure nipple..

Standard silenced tuned pipe is discontinued and out of stock
Price: 96.63
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This unsilenced CMB 45 High Nitro pipe is ideal for fitting your own silencing system
Price: 64.95
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C30010 CMB 67-80 Tuned pipe muffled


CMB 67-80 standard silenced tuned pipe. An extreemly good pipe for extracting the power from your engine with a wide power band.
Suitable for all 10 - 11cc motors
Price: 93.95
Out of Stock



This pipe is suitable for use on the 67 and 80 engines. Large nitro  pipe (unsilenced)
Price: 68.89
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C30013 CMB 91RS Large muffled tuned pipe


This pipe gives the engine faster acceleration and allows the engine to rev higher and produce more torque, also has a larger silencing section. One of the best 15cc pipes available.
Price: 147.29
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